Welcome to Calamities of Nature, a comic that focuses on topics of social commentary, science, religion, philosophy, and lots of bacon. If you're new here, checking out the best of Calamities of Nature is a great place to start.

Calamities of Nature has been online since July 2007. Since that time, it's been viewed by millions of people and won a number of accolades, including being a finalist for the best webcomic of 2010 by the Washington Post, finalist in the 2008 Webcomic Idol contest finalist (a comic version of the American Idol show) and a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards (the world's largest blog competition, with over a million votes cast) alongside such famous comics as Dilbert and xkcd. Calamities of Nature has also been featured on a number of prominent blogs, including Pharyngula, Cosmic Variance, and Bad Astronomy (which was named one of Time Magazine's top 25 blogs of 2009).


He is the cynic of the group. Aaron the Mole finds enjoyment from disparaging religion, people with PhDs, Mensa, newspapers, Starbucks, and well, just about everything.


No one knows what he is, where he came from, or where he's going. All they know is that he's a pretty strange guy. Alp enjoys creating new inventions, such as his thinking cap, slurpee bong, and remote control locator These inventions often work, but rarely are very useful. And who can forget the time his duplicator created an army of Aarons and Ferds!


He has never been accused of lacking enthusiasm. Ferdinand the Groundhog, or Ferd as he's often called, has a tendency to be a little overzealous about things. For example, there was the time when Ferd invented the reverse beard, or decided he was going to get a tan the hard way. Ferd and Alp are also passionate about bacon, which is curious given the recent swine flu outbreak.


He's proof that nice guys do indeed finish last. Harold the Hamster has always been a loyal friend, which he usually gets is stuck in the middle of Ferdinand or Alp's hair-brained schemes. Like the time he took his friends advice on spending his tax rebate. Aaron often provides him with helpful advice for life's troubles, although these can often be hard for him to hear.


Is it possible that there is a normal one among this crazy group? Raymond the Raccoon joined the Calamities cast when he was looking for somewhere to stay, and he's been regretting it ever since. In the meantime, he enjoys painting and living out in nature. He has plenty of interesting knowledge to share, it just tends to get wasted on this group.