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The Baconcyclopedia

April 26, 2009 - Sunday

Wow, an update on Sunday? That's pretty rare. I won't be able to post on Monday, so I figured I might as well post Monday's update early. Consider this a bonus for all of you folks that are dedicated enough to check this site on the weekends. It's like you're seeing into the future...well, at least until Monday when everyone else checks the site. Unless a meteor strikes, and then they'll never know about the last Calamities of Nature update. That'll teach them for not checking on the weekend!

Last time I posted a comic about bacon, I was sent all sorts of great bacon links. Since today's comic is also bacon related, I figured I'd dedicate today's blog post to this most ultimate of foods (really, shouldn't bacon be considered it's own food group by now?). But then I was sent a link to this amazing article from the site MyBadPad titled The Baconcyclopedia. This article is fantastic. It includes fun facts about bacon, snacks with bacon, bacon candy, Bacon Salt, bacon alcohol, comics from xkcd and Nedroid, the bacon tuxedo, bacon Hitler, bacon tattoos, and so many other great links I can't mention them all. Just check out The Baconcyclopedia, you won't be disappointed.

And if that's not enough for you, here's a picture that can only be described as bacon heaven...

Bacon Heaven

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