The Baconcyclopedia

April 26, 2009 - Sunday

Wow, an update on Sunday? That's pretty rare. I won't be able to post on Monday, so I figured I might as well post Monday's update early. Consider this a bonus for all of you folks that are dedicated enough to check this site on the weekends. It's like you're seeing into the future...well, at least until Monday when everyone else checks the site. Unless a meteor strikes, and then they'll never know about the last Calamities of Nature update. That'll teach them for not checking on the weekend!

Last time I posted a comic about bacon, I was sent all sorts of great bacon links. Since today's comic is also bacon related, I figured I'd dedicate today's blog post to this most ultimate of foods (really, shouldn't bacon be considered it's own food group by now?). But then I was sent a link to this amazing article from the site MyBadPad titled The Baconcyclopedia. This article is fantastic. It includes fun facts about bacon, snacks with bacon, bacon candy, Bacon Salt, bacon alcohol, comics from xkcd and Nedroid, the bacon tuxedo, bacon Hitler, bacon tattoos, and so many other great links I can't mention them all. Just check out The Baconcyclopedia, you won't be disappointed.

And if that's not enough for you, here's a picture that can only be described as bacon heaven...

Bacon Heaven


And the Caption Contest Winner Is...

April 21, 2009 - Tuesday

There were 190 entries for the caption contest, and from this I had the tough job of choosing the ten I liked best. Then you readers voted, and there was one clear favorite. Congrats to Rachel Degelbeck! She was the winner with the entry "Watch out for that banana peel. It's slippery." Click the picture below to see the final comic with her caption written on it. For her great submission, she'll be getting a book (with a personalized sketch) and the original art to this comic. Here is the breakdown, from most to least votes:

22% (52) Watch out for that banana peel. It's slippery.

17% (41) Did you not see the sock on the doorknob?

15% (36) I think the mistake was giving the mini-gorillas jetpacks.

10% (24) Wipe your feet, Harold! You're tracking mud all over the floor...

8% (19) Some guy looking for John Connor dropped this on his way out.

8% (18) Good news, we're eligible to apply for a stimulus grant now...

7% (16) I think I've found the weapons of mass destruction.

6% (15) Great! It works *exactly* as planned!

5% (11) I'll call it the entropizer...

2% (4) It's from the new household appliances division of AIG...

Thanks to everyone who entered. I was really impressed with the enthusiasm for this contest, so we'll definitely have to try something like this again in the future.

The final comic from the caption contest


Drain Monster Sketch

April 15, 2009 - Wednesday

This is the last day to vote for the caption contest. There seems to be one clear favorite, but it's not so far ahead that some of the other entries can't catch up. It's been fun to see how the reader voting compares with my own favorite caption entries.

The sketch below was from when I was designing the monster for the It Came From the Drain storyline. I had a fairly clear picture in my head for what I wanted the monster to look like, so it didn't take too many sketches to get to a finalized design. Click the picture below for the full-size version.

Monster from the drain.


It's Supposed to Look Like Easter

April 10, 2009 - Friday

Sometimes once I finish a comic I have to fidget with the color palette a little before it looks quite right. The first version of today's comic can be seen below. I quickly realized that it didn't have a strong enough spring feel for what was supposed to be Easter time. So I adjusted the hue and saturation of the trees and rocks until I got what you see in today's update. Hue and saturation are powerful tools (ctrl-u or command-u for you Photoshop aficionados out there). Often when I'm at a loss for how to color something, I just bring these up and play around with different colors until I get something that looks nice.

A previous version of my easter comic.


Caption Contest Voting Is Up

April 8, 2009 - Wednesday

As you can see on the left sidebar, the caption contest voting is up. Sorry if your entry wasn't chosen as one of the finalists. There were WAY too many good ones to choose between. Now that the decision is in your hands, I'm curious to see which way this thing will go. Voting is open until the night of April 15 (next Wednesday), so if you're one of the finalists, be sure to tell your friends and family to vote!


Fan Art by Keong Chan

April 7, 2009 - Tuesday

I'm typing this post while wearing a pair of sunglasses with an outdated prescription. You see, I was horsing around with my daughter tonight, and I thought I would put my glasses to the side to keep them out of harms way (seemed like a good idea at the time). But when I took my daughter off my shoulders, I placed her directly on my glasses--crunch! Smooth move Daddy! Hopefully once the family is awake tomorrow, I'll be able to find a better pair of glasses to wear. If the next few comics have unusually bright color palettes, at least now you'll know why.

To help congratulate me for reaching my 200th comic strip, Keong Chan sent me some fantastic fan art, which you can view below (click it for the full-size version). Keong works on the webcomic terence n. tijuana, which updates Monday and Thursday. What I really admire about Keong's work is that for each comic he chooses a different art style. This adds even more anticipation to each update, because you never know what you'll see next.

Okay, I'm going stop writing this post before I start getting a headache from eyestrain.

Fan art by Keong Chan.


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