Get Calamities of Nature in Your School Newspaper

Bored at school because you don't have a computer nearby to read Calamities of Nature? If only it was available in an easy to carry form that you could take anywhere! Well, you'll be happy to know that Calamities of Nature is now available for syndication in school or university newspapers directly from me or through MCT Campus. If you work at a school newspaper, contact Tony Regan either by e-mail or by phone at (800) 245-6536. If you're not working at a paper, you can still help by contacting your school's editor and sending him or her a friendly message such as:

Dear [editor's name],

I'm a fan of a comic strip called "Calamities of Nature." It features jokes centered around topics of culture, science, politics, daily musings, and just plain silliness. It is a good fit for a young, progressive readership like at our school. You can see for yourself with these sample strips:

"Calamities of Nature" is carried by the syndicate MCT Campus, and their contact is Tony Regan (his contact info is here: I would very much appreciate it if you'd consider carrying "Calamities of Nature" in our school paper. If you aren't interested in dealing with MCT Campus, you can also directly contact the comic strip's creator Tony Piro at


[your name]

Thank you to everyone who has helped bring Calamities of Nature to their school paper so far. It's a fantastic and relatively easy way to share your enjoyment of this comic with thousands of other people. I can only do so much on my own to publicize the existence of this comic, so I'm really dependent on you readers for getting the word out. I'm grateful for all the amazing support you've given me. In fact, if your school is already carrying Calamities of Nature, please tell me about it! E-mail me a scan of Calamities of Nature in your paper, and I'll send you a personalized gift as a way of saying thanks.

Also, if you're interested in getting Calamities of Nature into a newsletter, magazione, or alternate weekly paper, shoot me an e-mail. I'm always interested in helping people add a little funny to their publications.