Each Calamities of Nature comic strip is a hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind piece of art. You have a chance to own one of these unique pieces yourself. Just visit the available artwork page or browse the archive for your favorite comic, and look for the link that says "Buy original art." If you do not see this link, either this art has been sold or is not available for sale at this time.

Comics are drawn on acid-free, heavy-weight bristol board. The sketch is first laid down with non-photo blue pencils. The line work is done with a combination of brushes and dip pens using waterproof India ink. Lettering is done by hand using a technical pen with archival ink. Corrections are made with non-cracking, opaque watercolor. By only using high-quality materials, it assures that the artwork will last the test of time. And since I use non-photo blue pencils, all the sketching is present to really give you a peak into the process behind making the art. Often corrections are made digitally, so the original art will not perfectly match the finished comics that you see on this site. Feel free to email me to request a scan or photo if you have questions about a specific piece.

Standard Calamities of Nature strips measure 4 by 12 inches on a 7 by 17 inch piece of bristol board and cost $80. Double sized strips measure 8 by 12 inches on 11 by 17 inch bristol board and cost $120. For the time being, I do not have the first 104 full-page strips available for sale. Each strip is signed, and if you would like, I will personalize it for you as well. Just email me if you have special instructions.

Artwork is currently sent via USPS first-class, in a bubbled envelope between two pieces of corrugated cardboard. If you would like faster shipping or insurance included on your order, contact me for options and pricing.

These strips frame up beautifully and also make great gifts for friends and family. Buy one today and not only will you have a unique piece of art, you'll be helping to support this passion of mine for drawing comics.